Focus Room

A private workspace to call your own

Focus Room

A private workspace to call your own


118.995 kr
115.495 kr





Booking Bracket
Available for both Standard and Pro models
640 kr
Accessory rail attachment
2.400 kr
HEPA Filters
Integrated in ventilation system
3.150 kr

Total: 115.495 kr 115.495 kr

The world's leading brands choose ROOM.Over 6,000 and counting.

Privacy meets productivity with the Focus Room, a thoughtfully designed personal office that allows you to concentrate on the task at hand. Complete with a spacious desk with built-in power and a task light, along with ample storage courtesy of a custom credenza, the Focus Room makes it easy to step in, get settled, and get focused on your next big idea.

Focus Room Pro (Dark) Focus Room Pro (Light) Focus Room Standard (Dark) Focus Room Standard (Light)
Sit/Stand Desk
A spacious, height adjustable desk and task light with embedded wireless charging gives you plenty of room to be creative and connected. Chair not included.
A spacious desk with task light gives you plenty of room to bring your ideas to life. Chair not included.
Sustainably Soundproof
Made from recycled PET and engineered to reduce noise by 27dB.
Accessory Rail
Custom rail makes room for accessories like coat hooks and more to personalize your space.
More natural light means more room to free your mind and think big.
Built-in power
A built-in power unit ensures outlets and USB ports are at your fingertips, keeping you charged and connected.
A fully equipped whiteboard moves over the rail for easy access.
The word on the street
A great addition to the office
There are never enough conference rooms, places to duck away for a call, or steal some quiet. ROOM gets my employees and I a lot closer to our ideal and we're grateful!
Lars A.
Wherever we put ROOM, it fits.
We were blown away by how much better ROOM’s products were compared to the competition. They’re also a great fit for the culture of our company, which is about supporting companies with aligned principles. And as a company with offices around the globe, we know ROOM will easily work well within all of them.
Chuck M.
It’s what we’ve been waiting for!
Our team is more productive because we can focus better. Either when people take calls or meetings in the ROOM, or if there’s a collaborative meeting happening in our open office plan, I can jump in and do uninterrupted work!
Sofia G.
Slow Ventures
Great experience across the board!
The teams are loving the product! We had a great sales-to-install experience and look forward to working with ROOM in the future.
Paulina L.
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